Logistic Capabilities

Allegany-Erie, Inc offers flexible transportation and warehousing solutions to customers. For US and Canadian deliveries the versatility of our warehouse, logistics management and ground service transportation partners helps us manage a wide range of products, materials, pickup and delivery situations at a competitive cost.

Our Core Areas of Service Are

  1. Beverages we supply warehousing and logistics for manufactures of sports drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks, bottled water, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, and carbonated beverages. Additionally we can warehouse a wide array of wines, spirits, and domestic and imported beers when bonded.
  2. Food we are a Food Grade facility with extensive experience with dry food items and prepackaged food grade items such as sauces, condiments, jams, packaged dry good and canned or bottled food items.
  3. Manufacturing Raw Materials let our space and our staff work in conjunction with your manufacturing process. By housing your raw production materials with us, your company can control inventory while maintaining efficiency. We have experience working with numerous industries as a warehouse supplier for items such as plastics, glass, metals and more.
  4. Paper Goods We warehouse packaging, packaging materials, paper products, plastic packaging products and paper products from various manufacturers.